Why good sexual health is important

Anything to do with sexual health is still kind of taboo in our society. As a nation, on the whole we are aware of good physical health. Going to the gym or weight loss clubs seem to be our favourite past times. We take before and after photos and upload them on our various social network pages. We are desperate for people to notice how well we are taking care of ourselves. However, what nobody is desperate for people to notice is how well (or not as the case may be) we look after our sexual health.

Within the escort industry having a prudish approach to such an important factor is quite simply not acceptable. After all, having a healthy penis or vagina is far more important than having a gut full of healthy bacteria.

Sexual health is when a person takes measures to avoid transmitting sexually transmitted infections. Also, having a good level of sexual hygiene. It is exceptionally important that people’s awareness is improved in relation to this topic. It is about time that people take their sexual health as important as their physical health.

For those of you who are uneducated in the problems that can occur from practicing poor sexual health. Did you know that apart from having smelly discharges and sore, weeping lumps and bumps, you could also become infertile!

The most common sexual diseases are chlamydia, herpes, HIV, which is the precursor to AIDS, gonorrhoea, syphilis, genital warts and hepatitis. Believe it or not, even though thrush is not an STD in origin, it can still be transmitted through sexual and oral contact. Some of these diseases may well be difficult to spell but we can assure you they are not that difficult to catch! All of these infections/ diseases have nasty repercussions on your physical health. Some of them are obvious that the other person has it. Others however, are less obvious. There are some STD’s that do not have any visual symptoms at all. So, basically, there is no way of telling without a full sexual health screen as to whether or not you are exposing your beloved genitalia to some nasty infection.

All of these diseases can be prevented by taking some simple yet effective measures. The first thing is to ALWAYS have protected sex. By using a condom your cherished manhood will be protected from every single one of the STI’s around. A simple bit of latex will give you the reassurance that you are safe from harm. The next step is kind of obvious, but if you suspect that your sex partner has something a bit strange going on down there. Then stay away, this also goes for any unusual smells or discharge that they might have. If you have sex regularly with different partners, the wise move to make would be to have regular health checks at your local sex health clinic or at your GP’s surgery. Some people might feel embarrassed about having these checks. But if you are happy to flop it out and stick it in numerous amounts of women and even once do it without protection, then you should be responsible for your own sexual health.