The Best Options Trading Alert Service

There are several options trading alert services available to investors. Some of these are Motley Fool Options, Benzinga Pro, Simpler Options, and Daily Strike. These services all provide different alerts, but they all are aimed at the same goal: to help investors make money on options. However, before you choose a service, it is important to find out what the service focuses on. For example, the best options trading alert service should focus on proven investments.

Benzinga Pro

The Benzinga Pro news feed provides you with the latest news on stocks, with updated price and change in dollars, percentage change, and volume. You can also narrow your search by using keywords. The news feed also includes bullish and bearish sentiment indicators. With these, you’ll be able to find stock picks that have high potential.

The Benzinga Pro news feed is completely customizable, and you can set filters and notifications to receive only the most important news in your chosen sector. The news feed can be tailored to focus on specific sectors and companies, allowing you to take action immediately when the story is released.

Benzinga Pro is a premium desktop news and research platform, with tools for day traders, swing traders, and investors. It’s fully customizable and provides a complete suite of professional market research tools, allowing you to perform in-depth analysis and monitor important data in real-time.

Simpler Options

Simpler Options trading alert service is a great way to receive alerts about upcoming trades. The service includes a chat room where you can talk to expert traders about market trends and strategies. The chat room is open 24 hours a day. Simpler Options trading expert traders post alerts on this forum to let you know of new buys and sells in the market. These alerts are often recorded and you can access them for up to two years.

Simpler Options also provides a learning center where you can learn about futures trading. The service offers over 80 educational videos that teach you how to trade options and manage your risk. The videos are usually under 20 minutes long. This is a great resource for those just getting started in the market. This service is also very affordable, with a seven-day trial and a $17 fee.

The service also offers an Iron Condor. This involves selling a call and a put option on the same stock. It also has videos that recap the options market for the day and highlight possible trade setups. You may want to consider Simpler Options trading alert service if you are serious about making money trading options. However, the service is not free and requires dedication.

Motley Fool Options

The Motley Fool is a financial service company that has been around for close to three decades. It has built a reputation for making profitable trade recommendations. All of its picks have a track record and can be independently verified. However, this service does carry a certain amount of risk, and subscribers should be aware of that.

Motley Fool Options offers a premium service that includes stock tips, recommendations, and current investing trends. It also has a free newsletter which focuses on stock ideas and business trends. The newsletter is available every week. Subscribers have a chance to rate the newsletter. It has a 4.1 overall rating and 19 user reviews.

The Motley Fool Options trading alert service is great for beginners and experienced investors alike. While the options market can be complicated, it is vital to understand how it works and how to protect yourself from losses. The service also has a training course designed for beginners, including an in-depth course on options trading.

Daily Strike

In addition to providing daily market updates and stock market forecasts, Daily Strike also provides subscribers with a unique trade idea each day before the markets open. The trade idea tells you which stock to buy and why. In addition, it allows subscribers to follow trades and watch them unfold. The daily strike alert service is a paid service.

The service also has many educational resources, which include a video newsletter that explains how to trade options in simple terms. The service’s videos also feature evaluations of recent transactions and prospective transactions for the next day. These 20-minute films are provided by a professional trader and provide a detailed description of his analytical approach. There are more than 80 films available on the site, which cover everything from fundamental ideas to advanced trading strategies. In addition, members can even join a webinar to learn about advanced trading techniques and strategies.

Whether you are a swing trader or a day trader, an options trading alert service will help you make informed decisions quickly. The notifications you receive will detail changes in the market, including new options strategies that can reduce risk. You can use the alerts to hedge your current holdings and maximize profits.