What Are the Best Wood Wallets For Cash and Cards?

The best wood wallet is made from sustainable, renewable materials such as wood. This material is non-toxic and doesn’t use fossil fuels to produce. What’s more, it can also be recycled. Making wooden products also requires less fossil fuel than making metal wallets. The result is a wallet that’s both elegant and one-of-a-kind.

Bocote Wallet

The Bocote Wallet is a unique, handcrafted wallet. Made of Bocote wood, a rare and exotic wood with varied grain patterns, this wallet was handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. This wallet features a serial number and a personal inscription. The wallet is available in blue, orange, and black.

You can customize this wallet to fit your style and needs. You can choose a design that is reminiscent of other bumazhnik models. The chiornyi orekh on the front of the wallet gives it a unique look, whereas the leather lining is made of genuine leather.

Carved Alloy Wallet

The Carved Alloy Wallet is a minimalist, hard wallet that holds up to 5 credit cards and cash. It is precision machined from a single block of aluminum and is black anodized. The strap and back inlay of the wallet are unique and made of Burl wood. The wallet is crafted in Elkhart, Indiana.

Its slim profile makes it a perfect fit for jeans. It also features a split strap and silicone straps to help you carry it comfortably. This wallet is also available in seven different wood varieties, including cherry, sycamore, and purpleheart. The company also offers handmade wooden phone cases and other products that emphasize sustainability. The Kerf line also includes a range of charger docks, studio cases, and elegant wooden lights.

Sapling Signature Series Wood Wallet

The Sapling Signature Series Wood Wallet is a lightweight, high-quality cardholder made from walnut wood. It features perfectly molded grooves and a thin elastic band to hold your cards securely. The wallet weighs only 1.5 oz and measures 1/4” x 3 5/8”. It comes with an engraving service for free.

Originally launched on Kickstarter in 2013, the Sapling Wood Wallet is available in birch, bamboo, walnut, and cherry wood. You can also have your name or initials engraved for free. If you prefer something less traditional, you can choose Slim Timber’s Walnut Card Wallet, which is made of one solid walnut piece with a black leather lining. It has room for up to 8 cards and an orange elastic band to keep it closed.

Kerf Card Wallet

The Kerf Card wallet is a sleek wooden wallet that is the perfect size for a handful of cards, ID, and cash. Unlike many other wallets that are bulky and reminiscent of an Apple Card case cigarillos box, the Kerf Card is both elegant and compact. The band is made from elastic and comes in red, blue, and brown shades. It can also be customized with a three-letter monogram.

The wallet is small enough to fit in the fifth pocket of a pair of jeans. The wood used is either veg tan or spalted maple and comes with a unique storytag stamped on the front. The leather is also soft so it provides the right grip. Kerf also makes phone cases, charger docks, studio cases, and stylish wooden lights.

Carl Friedrik Hatton slim leather card holder

The Carl Friedrik Hatton slim leather card wallet has plenty of space for your cards and cash, and its slim design makes it easy to carry. This wallet is made of high-quality Italian leather and features four external card slots and an open middle compartment. Its smooth surface and hand painted edges add a stylish and refined touch.

Armour Supply bamboo card holder

The Armour Supply bamboo card holder is a durable, well-designed wallet that can fit up to 12 credit cards. It also features a money clip and a multi-tool card for quick access. The money clip is 304 stainless steel and spring loaded, which keeps it secure and safe from rusting.

It comes with a spring-loaded stainless steel money clip and a multi-tool card holder. It also comes with an extra band and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The Armour Supply bamboo card holder is also available in carbon fiber and aluminum.